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  •     How Simply Obvious Works
  •     How to make a positive change
  •     What your role is
  •     What you get out of it
  •     Who we have worked with
  •     See our success stories
  •     How money is donated
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Get to know Simply Obvious

  1.     How this works
  2.     How to make a positive change
  3.     What your role is
  4.     What you get out of it
  5.     Who we have worked with
  6.     See our success stories
  7.     How money is donated
  8.     FAQs

How Simply Obvious Works

Simply Obvious is like a matchmaking service for influencers, products, and nonprofits. Our goal is to make a difference in the world by combining the powers of influence, business, and charity. We do this by pairing you with a nonprofit you believe in and a relevant company.

Simply Obvious is the first proportionate and traceable platform to connect people and products to change. In our world, everyone benefits. Our win-win-win process allows:     

  • Product companies and brands to profit and grow
  • Social media influencers to trace the impact that they are having when working with nonprofits
  • Influencers to gain recognition, have an impact and profit from their efforts
  • Nonprofits to gain public awareness and increase their ability to affect global change

Join us in three simple steps

  1.     You create your profile
  2.     We match you with an influencer and an organization
  3.     We send you a contract to review that details your role and your collaborators

How to make a positive change

When you combine your product with your own following plus a vetted influencer’s following with the ultimate goal of promoting a worthy nonprofit, you are creating the perfect recipe to bring attention to a cause you care about – while also seeing an increase in profits and sales. This also increases your exposure, which will lead to a gain in followers who appreciate how much you care about our world and are therefore more likely to buy your products.

What your role is

This will change from contract to contract. As the company, your biggest role is to just follow the contract that you have agreed upon. Your roles can vary between supplying a code for the influencers to post about, paying for different ways of creating the media the influencer will post, and mainly sticking to your agreed contract.

What you get out of it

Working with the Simply Obvious makes your life easier. It allows you to be a voice for a charity. It also allows you to work with a product that you enjoy and a nonprofit that you care about. We will create the contracts that are beneficial to you, the organization and the influencer. You are also getting advertising for your product! This is important for your brand. It also shows that you are partnering with a charity.

Who we have worked with

  1.     Mott50


  1. What do the contracts look like?

We have created a sample contract in the “Contracts” tab at the top of the page. You can also read one here: (LINK)

  1. How do we decide on an organization?

(Rewrite with company focus) When we pick an organization we look at what you are interested in! When you sign up you will let us know what your company is all about.  We want to know what message your company is trying to send. We want to know what your customers are interested in. What organizations/influencers you would like to work with. After we will reach out to brands to find the perfect match for you. We will also take into consideration the nonprofits that you have put down. We will reach out to them and create a contract/proposal for you! Then we will send you an email.

  1. How do we decide on an influencer?

We analyze your brand extensively before we pair you with an influencer so that both of you represent the same ideals and are on the same page. If you have an influencer in mind that you’d like to work with, we will reach out to this person on your behalf for this campaign.

  1. Will I need to create a proposal for influencers and nonprofits?

Yes, we need you to create a resume or proposal that we will then send out to influencers so that they understand your brand and expectations. You can attach this when you sign up.

  1. How long will the process take?

This will depend on what brand you are working with and how intricate you want the contracts to be! Will we be in constant contact with you and give you updates as soon as we know!

  1. How much money will I make/lose?

You don’t stand to lose any money by signing up with Simply Obvious. Influencers will be reviewing and showcasing your products to their followers, which will increase your sales.

See our Success Stories