Welcome to Simply Obvious 


Our goal is to connect products to change. We will help connect you to others to make a global difference. We started Simply Obvious to make an impact on the world. The goal is to connect people to organizations that they care about.


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We chose a triangle for our logo because it is a symbol of change. The three triangles represent the influencer, the product company, and the nonprofit. The light blue triangle represents the nonprofit aspect of our movement and is placed at the top to symbolize its importance to Simply Obvious. Our focus is to bring awareness to nonprofits around the globe.

Emily is the Founder of Simply Obvious. Emily has been fundraising, volunteering, and working in the nonprofit world since she was in elementary school. Her first fundraiser was collecting donations for the local animal shelter by going around her neighborhood selling dog treats and asking for blankets. She has also worked with the International Rescue Committee, Girls on the Run, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Youthlinc, and more. She is currently a Junior at Washington State University and is studying International Business with a minor in Spanish and plans on graduating in 2020. She and her father came up with the idea of the Simply Obvious in a restaurant in Chicago.

At the Simply Obvious we are always looking for ways to bring others together to make an impact on the world—both big and small. The Simply Obvious is an idea that is both and can have a major impact on companies, influencers, and non profits worldwide. This resulted in the formation of Simply Obvious.